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Friends of Natural Gas NY is an alliance of people who live and work in New York State and support the development of clean, abundant natural gas. We recognize the importance of utilizing this domestic energy source deep beneath the Empire State for a cleaner future and a brighter economy for New York, and believe it can be both safe for our environment and healthy for our economic future. If you want to learn more, please sign up for updates on the Get Involved page.

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NY farmers reject anti-hydrofracking position at Farm Bureau meeting

LIVERPOOL, N.Y. – Farmers today shot down a proposal to oppose hydrofracking, the deeply divisive natural gas drilling process that has split New Yorkers from tables to farms. Continue reading

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Here’s the Next Revolution for the Train Industry

60% of all new garbage trucks sold this year will be powered by natural gas. That’s up from less than 10% just five years ago. In fact “LNG technology has the potential to offer one of the most significant developments in railroading since the transition from steam to diesel in the 1950s,” according to CSX. Continue reading

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America needs its shale energy and hydraulic fracturing provides it

THE HILL – In just a few short years, the United States has become the world’s number one oil and natural gas producer, and is well on its way to no longer relying on energy from countries that are historically hostile to U.S. interests. Continue reading

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Business Council Statement on high volume hydraulic fracturing and employment

ALBANY—“Nothing has transformed the rural economies of Marcellus Shale states like natural gas drilling. Viewing job creation data on a statewide basis ignores the localized job creation benefit that drilling provides. Continue reading

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Down Deep

Watch this new documentary, Down Deep: Unearthing the Truth about Hydraulic Fracturing, offering a frank discussion, answering critics and science-based answers from WPX Energy. Continue reading

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Fracking Fight Focuses on a New York Town’s Ban

NY TIMES – This town in the Finger Lakes region is not the kind of place where one would expect a grass-roots uprising. Even its promotional brochure makes it sound sleepy, listing the main attractions as “a few large dairy farms, some crop farms and several horse ranches.” Continue reading

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How Natural Gas is Powering America

HUFF POST – When we turn on a light or plug in an iPod, we don’t think about where the energy comes from, as long as it’s there.

But in 2013, more than a quarter of the nation’s energy was Continue reading

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Filling Up with a Different Kind of Gas

BUFFALO – As local companies grapple with high fuel costs, a small – but growing – number of businesses are aggressively pursuing compressed natural gas as an alternative.

Companies, like Waste Management and Try-It Distributing, are converting their fleets to take advantage of fuel Continue reading

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ANGA’s New Think About It Campaign

ANGA is pleased to announce a new feature of their Think About It campaign. Beginning this week, you will see a new ad about Georgia Power’s Plant McDonough-Atkinson – which runs on natural gas and emits 50% fewer carbon emissions – all while delivering reliable electricity to more than 600,000 customers. Continue reading

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Energy Industry: Let Us Frack or the Economy Will Suffer

NATIONAL JOURNAL – The boom in American oil and natural gas is helping the U.S. economy and its contributions could substantially increase by the end of the decade, says a study released Wednesday by several major players in the fossil-fuel industry. Continue reading

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